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Valentina Kislyanka was in administrative team since the beginning of the church in 2005. She serves as Church Administrator from August 2011. Valentina manages the operation of the church, financials, church records and documentations, support our pastors and ministers in administrative way. Along with church volunteers she organizes the church events, maintain the church calendar by keeping in touch with church people. Church administration is a science, an art and a gift because it involves procedures that provide the organizational structure of church as well as sensitivity to people needs. The apostle Paul also defines administration as a spiritual gift in I Corinthians 12:28. Therefore, as a church administrator we called to show the love of Jesus in many ways in our work in the church. She loves travel, camping, reading, spend time in nature with family and friends.


Oleg serves as Associate Pastor of Worship since the church opened in 2005. He has a deep desire to see people of all ages worshiping the Lord. His passion is to draw people into God’s presence, and he lives it out by planning and leading worship, teaching, encouraging and supporting our youth and kids worship teams. Oleg and his wife Luda were married in 1991 and have four beautiful children. Oleg loves music, camping, Starbucks coffee and spending time with his family.


Andrey has been pastoring Kingdom Initiative since 2014. With fiery passion and love for Jesus, he has lead Kingdom Initiative to new areas in the presence like no one has before. His vision is to see hundreds of people coming to God and seeing them realize how good He actually is. His constant prayer is for God to work through signs, wonders and miracles in the church; to see healing and deliverance. 


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Vika is the oldest from a family of nine. Married to Max Gromov since 2005. She is an outgoing mother of 3, and has been around children all her life. Her mother Nina says that she was the best babysitter and very patient with the kids. She is the Sunday school leader and has been organizing summer kids camps since 2012. Vika's passion for creating a welcoming, adventurous, and teaching environment for children has been with her ever since she was a child. Vika wants to bring children closer to god and does that through teaching them the core values of the Bible in Sunday school and kids camp. Most say that working with children is overwhelming and exhausting for the mind, but for Vika it is not so, it brings her joy to see their faces light up with knowledge and understanding of the Bible and Jesus.