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June 10,2010 г.




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Автор: Pastor MA john peter, August 31, 2010

.......take a right turn to Christ.....
D no: 66-17-6/1, Ramadaspet 533105, Rajmundry, Andhra Pradesh, India

Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ,

This is Bro. MA John Peter greet you in the name of Jesus the Christ our redeemer from Rajahmundry town, of Andhra Pradesh state; India. We have heard about you that God is using you wonderfully, praise God! I am blessed to read many news reports on your website witnessing about you as a well christian models.

Many years of our prayers we have been guided and prompted by the calling and providence of the Lord Christ Jesus, we have purchased a plot of land to the extent of 2700 sq. ft in Ramada’s pet village, East Godavari district in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India.

Our next endeavor would be to lay the foundation and rise up the building for our dream Church, but all that we had now invested in the purchase of this land and hence we reach out to every one of you to beseech your monetary help to see fulfilling the vision of Church to spread the Gospel; So that the people of this place may receive the saving grace of God to open up their eyes and hearts to the message of Jesus Christ.

Yes it is for this remote village in Asia which is yet to hear the Gospel being preached that we request you all dear children of light to join your hearts and hands with us and allow God to work through us in the glorified task of establishing the Church which is to be called as “CHURCH OF GRACE”


If churches and individuals come forward to give generously towards Church of Grace building Fund the upwardly estimated target figure ($10,000/-) seems achievable before March 2011 without a debt. And any surplus funds will be donated to the general fund of “Church of Grace” to needy pastors afford a Christian education for their children based on Love.

If you would like to be part of this mission through your financial support make a gift cheque now in favor of “MA JOHN PETER” May be sent to the above postal address.

As our faithful partners, I know you will not allow us to carry this burden alone, and I anticipate that as we all sacrifice and sow at this season, we will all share an abundant harvest of provision, healing, and outpouring of God’s richest blessings!

I and my wife Rajani, children Peterson(10y), william(6y), James babu (3y) sending greetings to you, your blessed family and friends there. kindly remember us in your prayers for love sake.

Thanking you all with love

In Christ


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